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You’re staring at the clock waiting for the hand to turn just ever so slightly… You know, you are so close. You can almost taste the fresh air as the doors swing open and you shout, “hello world!”. That’s when your boss walks in.

Your heart sinks as he flashes his crocodile smile at you and you already feeling yourself saying “yes,” to whatever ridiculous request he has in store for you. Sure enough, you’ve already committed yourself to staying late, you feel your shoulders slump. Again.

Sound familiar to you? I bet you’d like to change that, wouldn’t you? Here are five tips that will help you become your own boss (if you really want it!).


  • Don’t quit your day job (yet)!

One important thing to remember about being successfully self-employed is: it doesn’t happen overnight. It could take some time before you start to generate the kind of income you need to stay afloat. During that time, it’s important to have funds to pay your bills and fill your fridge. The flat-out god's honest easiest way to do this is to keep your job. For now.

Use the next few months to set yourself up for success as an entrepreneur by doing plenty of research such as: what product or service am I providing? Who is my target market? Who is my competition? Do I have a business plan?

Dip your toes in the water during this time and start to get a feel for the landscape out there, then when you’re ready you can pounce. Unless you have enough money saved up to last you six months to a year, I would suggest you keep your day job while doing so, so that things don’t become unmanageable.


  • Be Persistent

Keep in mind that you are going to run into obstacles along the way. You will encounter resistance. Trust me. But do not let this prevent you from continuing to proceed in the face of adversity. Is a prospect you’re intent on working with not answering your phone calls? Leave a message. Call again. Ask “who should I be talking to?”, and “what is the best way to reach out to this person?”.

It may take several attempts to reach an individual before you are met with the response you are looking for. A good rule of thumb is about 12 points of contact with a customer before a sale, whether those are advertisements, phone calls, face to face, emails, videos is up to you.

Try to recall a time in your recent memory where you bought something because it was familiar to you. From there, brainstorm ideas relating to how you might make your product or service familiar to your target market. Look around for ideas, I’m sure you’ll find that a quick look around your home would reveal that you are surrounded by products you bought out of familiarity.


  • Manage Your Time Wisely

There are only so many hours in a day, yet there are an infinitely vast number of ways you can choose to spend those hours. Making sure you are doing so wisely will poise you for success. Try to avoid doing things that are intended to or involve “killing time”. Cut out habits such as binge watching or scrolling through social media as a pastime and replace them with activities such as: learning something new, on purpose networking, exercise, meditation, brainstorming, engaging with potential clients… the list really does go on.

The point is, you get what you give in this sense. Giving your time to frivolous things will render you frivolous results, while dedicating time to small but meaningful goals throughout your day will make you an all-around more effective human being.


  • Don’t be Shy

Seriously. It’s almost certain that you’re going to have to extend yourself beyond your comfort zone at some point during your journey. You must not be afraid to do so! Instead of seeing potentially uncomfortable situations, see opportunities to overcome your limits!

 Just make sure that when you do approach someone (whether they’re a client, a prospect, an employee, your neighbor) that you come prepared. Have a good idea of what it is you’d like to achieve with your interaction, explain it to the other person and wait for their response. It’s usually that simple. When you do so confidently, authentically and respectfully you will be surprised to see what happens.


  • Know Your Own Value

It’s critical that you understand your own value, and act in a manner that is demonstrative of that value. If the message your behavior communicates to others is that you are of low worth or value (i.e. if you don’t believe in your own worth) then they will perceive and consequentially treat you accordingly. You can use this to your advantage, though, by portraying confidence to influence others and establish value.

This is to say that, in a nutshell, you can increase your value (and your price) to your audience and potential clients by establishing a solid foundation of confidence with ample legwork. By having this foundation, you will automatically be more confident that your customer needs whatever it is you are selling them, and as a result, so will they.


In Summary-

You need to keep your wits about you if you plan on keeping your head above water as you become your boss. This path is for the bold, whom fortune typically favors; however, it’s not something just anyone can do. If you plan on giving it a shot remember these five tips moving forward

  • Don’t quit your day job (yet!).

You will need to have some income coming in while you get things figured out and begin to become your own boss

  • Be persistent.

            It may take more than one attempt to achieve the results you want. Don’t let resistance deter your persistence, especially not in the face of adversity.

  • Manage your time wisely.

          You must become an expert at time management if you want to rank amongst the most successful entrepreneurs.

  • Don’t be shy.

            It’s inevitable that you will exceed your perceived limits and exit your comfort zone on your path to success.

  • Know your own value.

          Others will treat you how you treat yourself. Have some confidence, it will go a long way.

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