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Constant-Content is a consignment shop for articles and pictures. Publishers ca

Constant-Content is a consignment shop for articles and pictures.  Publishers can peruse the archive of articles, find the articles that they are looking for, or use their system to reach out to authors and purchase a request for new articles on your topic. 

Use online form to register as an author. The registration is followed by an online quiz.

A large amount of helpful information for writers is found onsite under the help tab. This includes writing guidelines as well as other information. Forums are also available on line.

Customers buy the articles that authors submit. Each article price is set by the writer.

Constant-Content takes 35% and then gives you 65%

They pay through PayPal up to $500. Greater than $500 Constant-Contentment offers wire transfers to the author's bank account.  Authors can always be paid via PayPal, if they prefer.

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United States, North America
Must be a permanent resident of one of the following States; Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.


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